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Barb Haley - Election Integrity

Election Integrity

Barb supports Voter I.D. as a co-author of the bill that passed the Senate in 2021. She chief-authored HF 1518 as well to fight against voter fraud by instituting provisional balloting and outlawing any voter compensation methods such as bus tokens, food coupons, or any other enticements for voting.

Public Safety & Security

Barb has voted many times for increased funding for our police officers and will continue to fight for additional staffing as well as better accountability in our judiciary process so that criminals don’t get reduced sentences. With crime at all time highs in the cities and suburbs, we must support law enforcement and hold criminals accountable. After the tragedy of multiple school shootings across our country, she co-authored five bills on school safety and chief-authored HF 3797 (which passed & was signed into law) to equalize the funding that rural schools needed to hire School Resource Officers.


Both of Barb’s parents were teachers so she understands the commitment and passion teacher’s bring and through her previous work with Every Hand Joined has kept informed on the new challenges facing our educators and school districts. Having served on two education committees, Barb has been a strong advocate for increasing access to early learning programs, equalizing rural school funding, increasing school safety and mental health funding, and providing local flexibility to best meet student needs.

Barb advocated to keep schools open during COVID, and aligned with parents who fought to have local control over activities like graduation ceremonies instead of one-size-fits-all mandates from St. Paul. She has responded to concerns about changing curriculum standards that are removing core pieces of our country’s history and democracy. Barb believes parents are the best champions for their kids’ education and deserve to be included in curriculum and local school decisions


Barb and Tim’s journey to adopting their two children involves a very significant personal story of living out their Christian pro-life values. Barb has co-authored multiple pro-life bills and been endorsed by the MCCL.

2nd Amendment

Barb has fought against Red Flag Laws to preserve your 2A rights. Barb co-authored the Stand Your Ground bill to protect your home and family.

Tax Relief for Families

Minnesota ranks in the top ten in the nation across all tax categories, with the 3rd highest income tax rate. Barb will fight to help families keep more of their hard-earned money, eliminate state taxes on social security benefits, and support tax relief for main-street businesses, farmers and college graduates paying off student loans.

Limited Government

Government must live within its’ means and use your tax dollars responsibly. The state budget continues to grow each biennium by 10-15%. Our current state budget surplus is over 7 billion dollars! We must address burgeoning government programs and expansive agencies that are far removed from accountability to the taxpayers.

People also want government services to function well. Barb has advocated for additional accountability to weed out fraud and create transparency measures in our government agencies.

Healthcare and Medical Freedom

Since Barb took office, she has worked to ensure affordable, accessible health care close to home for our communities. Barb voted for measures to reduce escalating insurance premiums, increase price transparency, lower drug costs, provide access to insulin, and boost competition.

Barb supports vaccines for those who are at risk and want them, but also disagrees with government mandates on vaccinations and testing. Medical decisions are personal and should not be dictated by politicians. Barb has fought to preserve your family’s medical freedom and personal choices.

Supporting Our Veterans

The men and women who have fought for our freedom and defended our nation deserve our support. Barb will always fight for veteran’s rights and work to make sure that our state is veteran friendly by supporting tax relief to veteran’s organizations, workforce training and re-entry, access to healthcare and housing, and support for veteran’s benefits.

Supporting Small Business

Barb has voted for significant property tax reductions for small businesses and supported eliminating burdensome regulations. She fiercely advocated for their safe re-opening during the Covid-19 shutdown and worked for passage of numerous small business relief packages. Our main street businesses and manufacturers are the lifeblood of our rural economies and I will continue working to support their recovery from this pandemic.

Supporting Agriculture

Barb voted for property tax cuts for farmers and supported the next generation of farmers through beginning farmer tax credits. She has taken a stand against government overreach on regulations by supporting a moratorium on ditch mowing enforcement, implementing buffer strip grace periods, and adding funding for noxious weeds and increasing weight limits for milk haulers. To help farmers who are navigating difficult financial times, she voted to extend the deadline for mediation and provide funds for loan origination fees.

Workforce Preparedness

To better prepare students for career opportunities, Barb authored multiple bills that were signed into law that established workforce development scholarships, youth skills training grants, student loan debt counseling.

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